Abdi Fernández Fondevila



Hi, I am Abdi Fernández Fondevila, I am 15 years old and also the youngest of the family. I live in Santiago de Compostela, in the western end of Europe, but I was born in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.

I am the protagonist of this experience of thousands of kilometers to my homeland; my siblings Catarina and Abdul came with me. The trip was long and exhausting, but spectacular. We lived many adventures; however, what I enjoyed the most was the opportunity to see wild animals up close: play with monkeys, follow the elephants along the savanna, find crocodiles and hippopotamus..., on the other hand, I did not like to meet the fearsome Mursis.

In spite of having already watched the first part, I realize that Ethiopia is a huge and diverse country as times goes by.






                                    Abdul Fernández Fondevila



Hi, I am Abdul Fernández Fondevila and I was born in Addis Ababa, however I live in Santiago de Compostela nowadays.

The first trip, in 2010, was really special for me: I reunited with my country and old friends and I realized I have no forgotten my native language, the Amharic;  but this time I had to show our homeland to my youngest brother. It was amazing because he had been there just once, at the age of 5, when our grandma was still alive.

I have to admit that I experienced unconformable moments, as feeding hyenas or crossing the Omo River by fragile canoes, but it worth it. I hope that, with this second film, you will discover my country and will gain a new perspective on it.




                                    Catarina Fernández Fondevila



Hello, I am Catia, the eldest sister. That is why Ovidio asked me for the film production, but actually me work was to bring order to this crazy trip. I made the two trips and, if I had the opportunity, I would definitely make a third one. It was so much time and millions of kilometers by car, going through complicated roads, dealing with the chaotic way in which my father works. Fortunately all ended well, but from time to time I had little doubts. Incredible landscapes, hundreds of ethnic groups and millions of children. I love children, but sometimes...



                                     Marcos Fernández Fondevila



Hi, I am Marcos, the eternal absent of the trips. From the distance, with some envy and much pride, I have learned from my brothers and sister and their trip to Ethiopia. I enjoy the final result of the film, but I also have to put up with hundreds of anecdotes they often reminisce. Now I make the translations and subtitles, in order to make forward the film distribution. My remaining issue, of course, is to be able to travel to those inhospitable lands.



                                     Ovidio Fernández Sánchez



Hi, I am the oldest one, and then the responsible of this issue.

For me, the most important thing was to know that my children can withstand the hardest trials and end with a smile on their face. They do not disown me even though they know their father is a bit crazy. Fatherly pride!

The best part of the trip was to come back home safe and sound, with lots of new experiences.